DONA Certified Birth Doula

DONA Certified Postpartum Doula

Certified Lactation Educator Counselor

ICEA Trained Childbirth Educator

NCSA Trained Newborn Care Specialist

Hypnobirthing Trained Doula

Baby Sign Language Educator

Adult & Infant/Child CPR/First Aid Certified

BA degree - Speech Communication

Proficient in American Sign Language





Doting Doula


 Newborn Sleep Lecture w/ Dr. Polly Moore - November 2014
 Rebozo Training Workshop w/ Gina Kirby - February 2015
 Childbirth Preparation Course w/ Kathy Killebrew - March 2015
 Babywearing Workshop w/ Laura Brown - April 2015
 Couples to Parents: Transition to Parenthood Workshop w/ Dr. Rhona Berens - May 2015
 Cloth Diapering 101 workshop w/ Tamaira Kaster - May 2015


I have been working with children and families for over 15 years. From nannying to daycare, newborn care, preschool, special education, tutoring and volunteer work, I have been blessed to learn and grow in this field. It is a privilege to assist you during this sensitive and critical period, and encourage you on this new journey, or existing path! My years in childcare gave me a solid foundation that naturally led to caring for families as a whole, and casting any bit of judgment aside. There are many approaches, methods, and parenting styles, and that what works for your family is often what is BEST for your family. I bring this same philosophy to your birth, supporting whatever way you choose to give birth, and the decisions you make as the parent of your newborn child. I am honored to support you, and be an ally and advocate for the birth you desire, and the postpartum period you deserve.

* Please note I also have a background in American Sign Language, and completed an  ASL interpreting program in 2012. I happily accept and assist Deaf and hard of hearing clients, as well as hearing clients. 

Melissa Coe

"A woman meets herself in childbirth. It represents our greatest potential for what we can be as  a species, if we let it teach us."

                                               --Pushed Author, Jennifer Block







 Lactation Management for Doulas w/ Vergie Hughes - January 2013

 DONA Postpartum Doula Training w/ Kathrin Auger - Feb 2013

 DONA Birth Doula Training w/ Ana Paula Markel - April 2013

 Introduction to Childbirth for Doulas w/ Ana Paula Markel - April 2013

 Introduction to Child Development - Valley College - Spring 2013 

 Hypnobirthing (The Mongan Method) w/ Alisha Tamburri - June 2013

 UC San Diego Lactation Educator Counselor program w/ Gini Baker - Summer 2013

 Advanced Business Skills Workshop for Doulas w/ Tracy Hartley - August 2013

 Green Baby Care Class w/ Rachel Myers - August 2013

 Waterbirth Certification Workshop w/ Barbara Harper - October 2013

 Vaccination Workshop w/ Dr. Deborah Gleisner - October 2013

 Two Doulas Childbirth Course w/ Becca Gordon & Kate Zachary - January 2014

 NCSA Approved Newborn Care Specialist Training w/ Katie Morin - March 2014

 Babies need Love, Microbes & Stress: Workshop w/ Dr. Michel Odent - March 2014

 Pediatric CPR and First Aid w/ Michael Curtis - April 2014

 Undisturbing Birth: Workshop w/ Dr. Sarah Buckley - September 2014

 Hypnobirthing for Birth Workers: Workshop w/ Ellie Shea - September 2014

 ICEA Childbirth Educator Training w/ Ana Paula Markel - October 2014

 A Day With Penny Simkin: Workshop w/ Penny Simkin - October 2014

 Advanced Skills for Doulas Worshop w/ Becca Gordon & Leah Miller - October 2014